i haven't forgotten you. far from it. there are reams of unwritten blogs a-moldering in my head. there are computer keys at odds with me, because i haven't tickled them in unscholarly ways for days and months. i am at odds with myself, for not writing more. at serious and disturbing odds that i haven't evened my life-as-a-student enough to make time to digest it in entertaining ways for you, as i managed to during my life-as-a-volunteer in Uganda. if you've been reading awhile, i hope the reading has been worthwhile for you. it has been endlessly so for me, and my desire to keep it so has actually gotten in the way.

no, this is not writer's block. the real writer's block in my life is my inability to shut off from schoolwork and make time for other things, which i'm working on. i've simply been too busy since school started to write much, but i'm going to try to work on that (see the next blog). what i mean when i say my desire has gotten in the way is that i'd like to present things so neat to you, so comprehensively, that i hesitate to begin the story again mid-sentence, as it must inevitably be since i haven't written much in months, and lots has transpired which i can no longer lucidly relate.

so be it: let's just treat my life like a made-for-TV movie that you sit down halfway through and only figure out what's going on by the sordid events and dialogue that transpire after you've settled. only better.

in the meantime, i really am halfway through a book, two thirds through a novella, and an inch into a bookish work of fiction. they've stagnated with the rest, but as school holidays are coming soon, let me hope they'll get closer to completion and thus to you in the near future.

til then, adieu, thanks for reading.